Milan, Italy - February 22, 2020 - 1 DAY MATERNITY WORKSHOP

Milan, Italy - February 22, 2020 - 1 DAY MATERNITY WORKSHOP



The Workshop is on February 22nd 2020

About the workshop:

Pregnant Women want to feel as beautiful and confident in their pictures as Michael Stief makes them look in his maternity sessions. Join this Workshop with a multi award winning international photographer as he shows and teaches you the art of dramatic & elegant maternity photography. Dramatic Elegance Maternity Workshops with Michael Stief are based on the following 3 Basics and Topics. Dramatic Lighting, Elegant Posing, Working with Textures. In order to create beautiful and contemporary Maternity Photography, to learn and master those elements are essential and help the participant take better images of expectant Women. These offered workshops are collaborative workshops, that helps the participant to better understand and implement the area of pregnancy photography.For sophisticated portraits in the area of maternity & pregnancy photography, it is not important to present a person as honestly as possible, but rather to implement the creative idea of the photographer or the artist. In the workshop, you will learn how artistic portraits emerge from conception to the final product. We will also cover the details of how iconic and unforgettable images are created.



  • Ideas and creativity

  • Conception and preparation

  • Prop and wardrobe selection

  • Shooting with single light setup

  • Shooting with two light setup

  • Shooting with elaborately styled model

  • Integration of the model

  • Finding the best pose

  • Image processing for dramatic & elegant artistic portraits

  • Simple beauty skin retouching

  • Changing backgrounds and working with textures


Who is this workshop for?

You are familiar with the operation of a modern DSLR camera and you already have some experience in portrait photography? The workshop is aimed at people who would like to raise their portrait skills in the area of modern and sophisticated pregnancy photography to the next level and who are interested in the artistic implementation of the theme of pregnancy photography.



Bring your Camera and your Favorite lens ( we suggest 50mm or 35mm or 27-70mm)


Costs and services:
During the whole workshop, we offer you the professional care of each individual as well as snacks and beverages. In addition, each participant receives a certificate of participation regarding the successful achievement & completion of the workshop.


Lecturer: Michael Stief

Host: Cross Studios, Via Giacomo Watt, 5 - 20143 - Milano - Italy

Duration: 8 hours

Time: 9:00 - 17:00

Participants: Minimum: 10, Maximum: 15

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