UNLEASH YOUR BEAST - 2 Hours Online Video Chat Mentoring & Coaching

UNLEASH YOUR BEAST - 2 Hours Online Video Chat Mentoring & Coaching


This is a Mentoring & Coaching which is conducted through 2 separate hours of live video chat with Michael Stief. In these two individual hours your problems in the field of photography will be discussed and solutions found.

Have you reached a point in your photography business where you can't get any further? Are you at a point in your carrier where you stuck? Are you loosing your creativity?

What is the reason for that?

Have you ever thought about why you don't earn enough money with your passion for photography? Maybe you dont get the appreciation you deserve?

You may have attended several workshops and seminars and spent a lot of money on expensive equipment and props.

You're good, you're a great photographer, you take good pictures, but you still don't reach enough paying clients with your work. Why is that?

You work with devotion, neglect your family and worry about why you don't get what you deserve. Whats the reason for that? Why are you doing that?

Some of you are turning in circles and don't know in which direction they should move to get ahead of their competition. Why are you not clear about your goals and how to achieve them?

How long will your passion, your endurance last before you cant go on anymore?

Sometimes it's just necessary to look at things from the outside, turn a few screws and reposition yourself, and suddenly it works.

  • I can help you in a very short time to bring your business up to a whole new level.

  • I can help you to get more clients willing to pay your prices.

  • I can help you to find a great work-life balance to have more time for you and your family again.

  • I can help you to become very successful and happy with your photography business.

  • I can help you to work on the following essential and successful topics and clarify them for you.


  1. I help you to solve fears and mental blockades

  2. I help you to find your calling

  3. I help you with your Branding

  4. I help you with your Website & Portfolio

  5. I help you with search engine optimization - SEO

  6. I help you to generate new approaches.

  7. I help you with identification of your market

  8. I help you to analyse your competition

  9. I help you to market yourself

  10. I help you with your pricing

  11. I help you to win and keep new customers

  12. I help you with your workflow

  13. I help you with your IPS

  14. I help you with your postproduction

  15. I help you to get rid of energy vampires

  16. I help you to find a great work-life balance – that means more free time through effectiveness

  17. I help you to multiplicate your sales

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